Monday, July 17, 2006

Double Entendres Abound

Summer is drawing to a close. Oh, it doesn't seem like it, what with the 100 degree days and the air conditioning running at full tilt, but it's a matter of a few free days and then school starts again. For students and teachers, the year doesn't start on Jan 1. It starts on the first day of school.

My students live for vacations. Actually, during the school year, so do I. Days off are part of a teacher's life and they are desperately needed. Mental release from the constant needs of 100's of kids, the planning, the beauracracy. But about this time every summer, I find that I desperately need to return to school.

My moods can swing wildly, as can anyone's at times. But when I don't have a schedule and I'm alone more than I'm with people, I find that my moods swing even more wildly. So the return to school gets my routine back in order, my moods under control, my mind back in the groove. So vacation is looked forward to all year, and then it is that vacation that drives me a little mad every summer.

It's a funny thing how something that looks so appealing is in the end something that is so bad for us.


Anonymous Mitch said...

You know, reading this reminds me that it was much more fun to be unemployed when we could waste our summer days together. All of my friends in Chicago work year-round. :-/

12:50 PM  

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