Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I will never be a model

I am about to embarass myself horribly.

I am single right now, and 34, and wishing to have a date or two occasionally. I'm too old to meet men in bars and meeting men through work or church is iffy at best and so I decided to go on-line. Again. Lots of people do it. This is not the embarassing part.

In looking for a picture to post on-line, I found that I didn't really have an appropriate one of me alone. There were of me with my ex-boyfriend (probably not the look to go for when advertising yourself for a date), me with various students (ditto), me looking rather, well, spectacularly bad or tired or fat or whatever...but none I would be proud to put up on the web. So this past weekend while at a wedding where I was dressed up nicely, hair done, make-up perfect, I asked a friend who is rather good at taking photographs to perhaps get a shot of me. Here are some of the results.

Yes. I am so photogenic. Sigh.

Exactly *one* picture was acceptable. Not great, but acceptable. There goes my second career as a cover girl...


Blogger Shawnee said...

You look beautiful! And any potential bfs may as well know now that it is nearly impossible for you to keep your mouth shut &/or stop laughing. Neither of which is a bad trait, in my opinion. I am disappointed by the rather glaring lack of shoe pictures though.

10:46 AM  

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