Thursday, March 06, 2008

Moments in House Renovation With Mary

(And, by the way, I know it's been two months since I wrote anything. Chalk it up to a case of terminal laziness and a spectacularly uninteresting life.)


male: "I need to paint over this caulk by the bathroom mirror with white paint. I don't understand why the caulk has turned pink."

female: "The caulk didn't turn pink. That's from my makeup."


person who is not Mary and doesn't know how clumsy she is: "Don't worry about a drop cloth. Since I'm on the ladder I'll be the one who makes a mess...oh, wait. You've stepped in some paint and tracked it all over the floor."


Yes, that's right. I've been participating in home repair and renovation! Whoo-hoo. I'll have pictures soon...


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