Monday, October 09, 2006

See Here's The Problem...

...with blogs. Whenever I want to write something, it feels like I do nothing but complain. I'm not laboring under the assumption that I'm writing this to entertain or uplift anyone, but neither do I want to wallow in my own frustrations.

The thing I'd like to know right now is why I always manage to get myself so incredibly overcommitted. Teaching three classes, establishing and running a tutoring program three days a week, supervising and encouraging budding track stars two days a week, taking care of ordering supplies, etc for the math department, dealing with parents and other day-to-day teacher-rtype things...oh, and tracking gifted kids in the school. Even if there was someone I was interested in, I couldn't date right now. I don't have time to sleep, let alone go out one more night during the week.

That's ok. I'll crash and burn one of these days, I'll recover, and then I'll be fine for a while until it all happens again.