Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pain and Suffering

People have odd reaction to migraneurs. Sympathy, empathy - often. But there's also the desire to tell the story of their father/mother/friend/whomever who has migraines. There's the advice to just lie down, take this drug or that drug, quit eating this or that. There are the doubtful looks, wondering if a migraine is made up or preventable if you would just do...something.

I have now been in various degrees of pain for two weeks straight. In the last two months, there have been perhaps a fortnight's worth of days that I have not had some form of a migraine. People ask all the usual questions. Here are some I've had:

What causes these? (Don't you think that if I KNEW that, I'd STOP it??)
Have you seen a doctor about this? (That's hilarious. Only about 10.)
Have you taken any medicine? (About 75 different kinds at last count...)
Have you tried [insert various folk remedies here]? (The answer is that I've tried everything but acupuncture and Botox - and I'm about to try the former, and can't afford the later.)

I've read books about migraines and remedies. I've read articles written by fellow migraneurs recommending different approaches. The latest one was written by a woman who says that she has come to "accept" her migraines as part of her and simply retreats to a room where she is quiet and can "be one" with her headache. That's fine if you're a free-lance author. Doesn't work so well when you are a teacher and coach.

I cannot live like this.