Sunday, August 13, 2006

Trials and Tribulations

Remember the ringworm? Mine's all gone (thank god) thanks to oral Lamisil. The kitten, on the other hand, must be bathed. From head to toe, every three days for at least two more weeks. The most fun part about that is the fact that after shampooing her, the shampoo must sit on her and soak for 10 minutes. You ever try keeping a wet, unhappy kitten sitting in a sink? She just loves it. As evidence? See below.

I call this one "Why Me, Lord?" Either that or "I really, really loathe you right now."

And this one is obviously taken while she was plotting escape. (As a side note, I turned my back and she did jump down from the sink. Unfortunately for her, I was able to follow the wet, soapy footprints to her favorite hide-out behind the stove.)

After it's all over, she lets me cuddle her. But I think she's just humoring me while secretly plotting to kill me in my sleep.


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