Thursday, March 13, 2008

More with the house...

Ok, so on to the living room.
This will be the first room of the house that gets completely done the way I want. The painting phase is over (although I still need to touch up the TV cabinet and get now knobs for it). This summer, with extra money from a summer job, I'll be replacing the couch and making new curtains. Oh, and moving in the piano from my mother's house. Anyone out there want to help get a piano from Knoxville, TN to Atlanta, GA? Anyone? No? Hmph.
In any case, behold the progress so far:

Before (really in before I ever moved in, hence no furniture). Notice, especially, the pine mantel around the bricked-up fireplace:

And a slightly different view, immediately after I moved in, with my unpainted TV cabinet and un-slipcovered couch:

(This is a view of just the fireplace, obviously. The bricks are now matte black, so as to recede a little, the mantel is white to match the trim, and the walls are a very pale blue-grey.)
And a view with the painted TV cabinet and covered couch.

Still to come: the laundry room!


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