Monday, January 08, 2007

Again With The One Word Answers

Once again, Shawnee has tagged me with a meme. One word answers only, so sit back and enjoy. And copy. (I copied one of her answers...)

* You Just Finished: changing
* The Weather Outside: cold
* Character On Your Childhood Lunchbox: none
* Your Mood: sated
* Britney Spears: pathetic
* Favorite Place In the House: couch
* Proud To Be: liberal
* Favorite Condiment: mustard
* Food Indulgence: popcorn
* Scent You Hate: musk
* Most Recent Purchase: sushi
* American Idol: vapid
* Last Part of Your Body Injured: wrist
* Your Desk: wreck
* Favorite Kind of Juice: tomato
* Animal That Freaks You Out: spider
* People Irritate You When They: ignore
* Your First Kiss: awkward
* Your Last Meal: sushi
* You'd Rather Be: tanning
* The Future: cloudy
* Hate To Look At: suffering
* The Ocean: fun
* Time Since You Got Up and Left The Computer: short


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