Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Picking Up Where You Left Off

I took a "personality quiz" last night (I was bored). It, like every one of those silly things that I take, told me that I am a "people person", needing interaction with others to be happy. Well, duh. I've said before that my friends are one of the most important things in my life.

Sometimes, bad things can come out of being reliant on others. I am sometimes easily hurt by a rejection from someone I thought cared, I often don't let go of relationships that should be ended. But when friendships are healthy and sane, they are the best things in the world. Take last weekend, for example.

Years ago, I worked at a summer camp for gifted students. The instructors and TA's and RA's at that camp tended to come back year after year, not because the camp was so awesome but because the people we worked with were. To paraphrase of one of the instructors I worked with, there was the highest concentration of people worth knowing at that camp. It's now more than 10 years since I started working at that summer camp, and some of the people I worked with are still among my best friends.

Now that we're all grown-ups (more or less) and scattered from North Carolina to California, a group of us get together every summer and take a vacation together. We got together in the mountains of North Carolina this year. We saw Asheville and Dollywood and beautiful views in the Smokey Mountains. But more importantly, we saw each other. I can't imagine being around better people, who know so much about me, who care about me anyway. I hope everyone out there has a group of people like this - who can pick up where they left off the last time they saw you, who are funny and intelligent and just plain nice.


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