Sunday, April 01, 2007


I've made it to spring break.

This is the break that feels like it will never come every year. By the time school let out on Friday, kids were wild, teachers were burned out and snapping at the kids and at each other, and the whole school was just generally walking on a knife edge. But every year we make it, and return after the break ready to hit the last few weeks of the year at a dead sprint toward graduation.

And speaking of sprints, (like how I segued into track? Great, huh?) track would be the reason that this poor blog isn't ever getting new entries. Every year I forget just how busy I am in the spring and get surprised all over again by my complete and utter lack of any free time. Fer cryin out loud - I was so excited that I had time to see a movie last night that I didn't know what to do with myself.

So here's to a week of no school, no track...just relaxing. Oh, and cleaning the house and mowing the lawn and getting the car fixed - but compared to wrangling several hundred kids a day, that's a cake walk!


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