Thursday, April 05, 2007


I went with the first one. It got the most votes (including the votes of two gay men, and you *know* I have to listen to their fashion advice...) and also advertises itself as having "power mesh" lining for figure control. Which really is kind of laughable when you think that in a swimsuit, people are pretty much going to figure out what shape my figure is in no matter what, but it still is tempting. I love the second one, which got nearly as many votes, but I'm not convinced that the cut of the legs wouldn't make my legs look two inches long. I'm 5'1"...I don't need to look shorter!

And thus ends swimsuit shopping drama '07.

Oh - and the first one does have a detachable halter strap, so no worries about the girls getting too much exposure. Accidental exposure, anyway...


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